Tesla Web Apps

Go Full Screen


  1. Press the Go Full Screen button
  2. Click GO TO SITE
  3. Choose what you want to stream 🙂

This works for any Tesla with the web browser and the YouTube app


Make it easier next time by bookmarking this page 🙂


Tesla Web App Guide

The Full Screen Button Doesn’t Work
Make sure you’re in P (Park) as otherwise Tesla disable steaming services for safety.

iPlayer Won’t Play Videos
For services like iPlayer that only steam to the UK, make sure you’re connected to WiFi – as Tesla’s premium connectivity (LTE) doesn’t use a UK mobile operator. A WiFi hotspot from your phone works too 🙂

I’ve Searched for Another Streaming Service, But It Doesn’t Work
Check it’s a HTML 5 supported streaming service. Some services (like Amazon Video) sadly don’t support this.

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