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Android Operating System Moving into Appliances

Could everyday household appliances soon be powered by Google Android?

The Android operating system may be best known as an OS for mobile phones, but Google’s operating system is branching out and getting into your kitchen.

Google Android's LogoNever mind your smartphone or tablet; what about your fridge, or your oven?

Soon, Google Inc. is hoping to be controlling devices in your home from televisions to rice cookers.

There’s already Android-enabled TVs, with the Android mini 4.0 that turns your television into a smart-TV. You can get hold of these from places like Appliances Direct. Just with the dongle, you can connect to the internet via your Xbox or Wii U, or even hook it up with your tablet or smart-phone. It’s easy now to watch YouTube or browse the internet in the comfort of your own front room and thanks to Wi-Fi there’s no fiddling about with cables and wires.

The main hook with smart-TV is the apps available on your television, including the capabilities to make Skype calls on the big screen.

So what exactly is in store for your kitchen?

Appliances like fridge freezers could be operated by Google in the near future. Take Samsung’s T9000 refrigerator, which will be available to purchase shortly. It’s kitted out in full for the modern home, with a 10 inch Wi-Fi touchscreen and the option to download such kitchen-friendly apps as recipe-maker Epicurous or note-taking Evernote.

And what about a rice cooker? Able to determine the type of rice and exactly what cooking instructions to follow, gear like this will be able to keep track of your shopping habits, keep tabs on your favourite brands for research purposes and suggest new brands to try.

Soon you can have a kitchen full of appliances sending information to each other. With the Andriod OS in tow, products like LG’s ThinQ refrigerator can connect to the LG SmartOven, telling it when to start preheating and to what level depending on your choice of dinner that evening.

Most smart appliances are set to run by your instructions via text, too. Put your dinner in the oven when you set off for work and a quick text on your way home turns the oven on so you’re greeted with a cooked meal when you walk through the door.

With microwaves, washing machines, ovens, fridges and even coffee machines and getting smarter, how long will it be before your home is full intelligent stuff? The kitchen of the future is apparently closer than you’d think.

8 replies on “Android Operating System Moving into Appliances”

Pretty awesome that this is starting to happen. I can see this leading to some type of all-around house control panel that can be controlled from your PC or even an android device.

Homes are getting smarter Dom, so I wouldn’t be surprised!

Thanks for adding your view Dom, good to have you join the community 🙂
Christopher – Admin Team

This is an awesome development. However it should be protected pretty good. I wouldn’t like to find out that a hacker shut down my fridge.

I never thought of that PJ, a hacker getting into your kitchen appliances!

Thanks for the [humorous] comment, and welcome to the blog 🙂
Christopher – Admin Team

I don’t think each and every device needs to be running an Android OS. That would be overkill. What would be great is a standard way for appliances to communicate with each other regardless of make or brand. That would simplify the process of creating a smart home that you can control via the internet using your laptop, smart phone or tablet.

The technology is already in place so it is not a far fetched idea. It is just that there is no standard in place.

It is a good point you raise Roy, the trouble is I can’t see any of the big manufacturers working together to achieve this.

Unfortunately, neither can I.

There are tons of great products out there for home automation but most do not work with each other. I guess we won’t see any development on a standard until one of the big boys decides to go into home automation in a meaningful way. I see Samsung as a good candidate for this.

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