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A great app which can help you loose weight!

I understand that app reviews are usually Ron‘s territory, however I thought that as it is anew year I should try some thing new. What better to write about than something which is currently very topical: New Year’s resolutions!

As we enter 2012, it is predicted that the majority of resolutions made will focus on either loosing weight or quitting smoking. Therefore to try and help people stay on track to keep their resolution, I am going to review some weight loss apps.

Here we go then, a review of 2 really useful weight loss applications!

Lose It! iPhone and Android Weight Loss App

The first weight loss app is called ‘Lose It!’ and is available the iPhone, iPod touch, iPad and Android smartphones. Lose It! is free, so it costs nothing to download, which is always a bonus 🙂

The app lets you set goals, and then through daily calorie rationing, helps you work towards achieving them.

The app comes hand in hand with a site called which if you create an account, can help you track the food you are eating, and the exercise you are doing, calculating what you need to do to achieve your goals!

If you sign up for an account (which by the way is free) you can also see how your friends are doing, meaning that it could be very helpful if you are a bit of a competitive person!

A LoseIt! account home screen
An example of what the LoseIt! account home login screen looks like

Now the big question, does it actually work? Well, over 95% of users who used the app for 4 weeks lost weight, so it would seem that this is a weight loss app that works!

Give this app a go, it is free, and from the reviews I have read, it works! You can find in the Android Market and iTunes.

Nike Training Club iPhone Weight Loss App

The next app is called Nike Training Club, and is primarily aimed at women, although reading reviews about it and reading up about the app myself, there is nothing really to stop men using it too.

Nike Training Club App Screenshot
A screenshot of the apps interface

Like LoseIt! the Nike Training Club app is free to download, but is only available on iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch, not Android.

Nike’s app focuses mainly on the exercise part of weight loss, rather than the food you eat. What the app basically does is provide you with your own personal trainer from your phone, iPod or tablet.

The app has 130 different exercises/drills that you can do, and it times you whilst you are doing your workout. You can track your overall training time, and the more you train, the more rewards you can get, which can help motivate you to keep going!

The feedback is again very good, many people are saying that because of the fantastic guidance from professional athletes that the app can gives you access to, there really is no need to hire a personal trainer.

Download the app via iTunes for free and get your workout going 🙂

So, what do you think of the apps, are they useful and do they help you keep your New Year’s resolution?

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Good to know it has helped someone 🙂

Thanks for the comment, welcome to the blog!
Christopher – Admin Team

These are really great, and a great example of a useful way we can use technology to improve our lives. I have experience losing weight with a personal trainer and I can tell you that the part that probably was the biggest benefit was not having to think too much about the whole process. I just had to put on my tennis shoes, show up and do what they said, and it worked!

I’ve also had some experience using personal trainer games on Wii, which worked better then I thought they would. And now there are these which are very mobile, linked in to a website with calorie information AND they’re free? This leaves us with very few excuses not to lose those extra holiday pounds!

I was considering inducing more than apps Darci, as as you say, the Wii can also be a very useful tool 🙂

Hey Christopher,

These are 2 very cool apps. I know my wife is always looking for ways to help her lose some weight so I’ll introduce her to both these apps, especially the Lose It app. I think having the ability to track the food your eating on a daily basis is important to any kind of weight loss success. Thanks for sharing.

I hope it comes in handy James 🙂

Thanks for your comment, welcome to the blog!
Christopher – Admin Team

So I have to buy iPhone first to lose weight? What an expensive way! Lol! But honestly, it is very helpful to people who gained a lot during the holidays. Using this applications can help them utilize their eating habit.

If you don’t have an iPhone Dell you should probably ask a friend to try the app before buying one especially for it!

Thanks for the comment, welcome to the blog 🙂
Christopher – Admin Team

As funny as it may sound, I actually need a weight gaining app. For various health reasons, I lost a good amount of weight in the last months of 2011, and the doctor advised me to gain ten pounds – how about that!

Anyone heard of a weight gain app?

If you have a quick Google, there are actually some apps that might be able to help you!

Thanks for the comment, welcome to the community 🙂
Christopher – Admin Team

Hi Guys! I just want to share the new Iphone/ipad app I got recently which could help monitoring your weight loss. It is called “Body Compare” and its amazing what results it could show you. You may also check more about it at 🙂

Looks very interesting Marie, I would love to see all the pics together, so you could see how you have changed!

Thanks for the comment, welcome to the blog 🙂
Christopher – Admin Team

I’ve used both LoseIt and the Nike training app and they are definitely two of the better diet tracking apps one can get for the iPhone. I’m not familiar with Android’s apps as I’ve been an iPhone guy since iPhone 3 game out. I lost weight using LoseIt and it does give you a really extensive database of foods to choose from. You can also add foods to your database should you not find the one you’re looking for. Great Post!

That is really cool, thanks for letting me know about this app, I just started the EA Training game for kinect, it is quite the quite the workout, but I need something where I can track my progress better.

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