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England out of the World Cup 3 times in two years!

The UK have been knocked out of the RoboCup in addition to the men’s and the women’s FIFA World Cup.

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What a fantastic milestone!

South Africa 2010, England was knocked out of the FIFA Men’s World Cup by Germany being beaten 4-1 – although goal line technology would have shown that it was 4-2.

On Sunday, England was knocked out of the FIFA Women’s World Cup to France on penalties.

The final blow for England came as its UK team was knocked out of the 2011 RoboCup in the group stages just a few days ago.

The RoboCup took place in Istanbul on Saturday the 9th and Sunday the 10th of July.

There were many entrants from a whole range of different countries. The game played was four-a-side football, but only humanoid robots were allowed to compete.

RoboCup Humanoid Football
Some robots playing football to try and win the RoboCup

The UK squad was designed by a team from Edinburgh University. The team’s coach said that they were down by they weren’t out, and that they would be returning next year!

The teams loss was blamed on system bugs, all of which the team thought could have been eradicated, but they just didn’t have the time to fix them before the game.

Next year the UK is going to have a much better team

Assistant professor at the School of Informatics, Dr Subramanian Ramamoorthy, stated that if the UK had had an internal RoboCup before hand, to select the best robots and fine tune the hardware, software and strategy, then the team could have performed much better.

2011 was the first year that the UK entered a team, but at the Mexico City RoboCup next year it is hoped that the team will perform much better!

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This is true unfortunately 😛

Thanks for the video link, I never knew anyone had recorded it! Defiantly not as exciting as the real game with all those extra rules and point scorers, but it does look extremely cool from the perspective of a techie like me 😀

Yeah, shame that isn’t it 🙁

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By the way thanks also for the link 😉

Don’t worry Christopher. I guess England just run out of luck. If I had not read this, I might not even know about RoboCup. Sports nowadays are so high-tech where robots are also taking part. I can imagine that one day we will see Cyber-Olympic happening 🙂

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