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Tunisia Trip 2010

On October the 23rd 2010 I set of on a fantastic trip to Tunisia. Whilst I was there I recorded an audio diary every night, and took lots of video and photos. I hope to compose a fantastic diary with all this media, so that you can see what a fantastic time I had!

The hotel I stayed in was in Hammamet Tunisia and was called Hammamet Garden Resort and Spa. As hotels go it was very nice, with an official rating of four star. The hotel activities were fantastic, and the excursions were also brilliant!

Tunisia Diary Day 1

Tunisia from the Air

Tunisia Diary Day 2

Me standing next to a camel

Tunisia Diary Day 3

Me in a Tunisian school, standing with some Tunisian students

Tunisia Diary Day 4

Whilst in Tunisia I didn't record a diary for day four, so I am going to ether just put some pictures of the day to some music, or try and cobble one together from memory.

Me in Sidi Bou Said

Tunisia Diary Day 5

The view from the top of a Berber village in TunisiaMe standing at the top of a Berber village in Tunisia

Tunisia Diary Day 6

Riding on a camel in Tunisia

Tunisia Diary Day 7

A Tunisian man in a Tunisian marketThe beautiful Tunisian coast

A summary of the trip

Me wearing a Moroccan fez with a friend who is wearing a headscarf - in Tunisia

More on the way

Watch this space!

I hope to have all seven days finished by the end of April 2011 :-)

When finished, each day will have at minimum a picture and a diary.

More is coming soon...

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