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24, Mar. 12: New Online Home
On the 9th of March 2012, I purchased the domain name Basically I bought the same domain as this, but without the dash... more >>

24, Mar. 12: 2012 News
Well, it's been a long time since I have done a news update! I had some news to publish, but as it is now 2012, I have archived the 2011 news... more >>

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Recycle logo

A short recycle animation

Recycle Animation

Remember the 4 R's

  • Reuse - Why throw something away when you can use it again?
  • Reduce - The amount you use and your impact on the environment
  • Recycle - Don't bin it, recycle it!
  • Repair - Save money and resources by repairing things, rather than buying new ones

Why is recycling important?

  • Recycling conserves our valuable natural resources
  • Recycling saves energy
  • Recycling helps us keep our air and water clean
  • Recycling saves landfill space
  • Recycling can save money

Links to other recycle/green sites

Below are some links, to what I think are some of the best recycling and environmental protection/preservation related sites on the net.

Frenergy - Frenergy design supply and install renewable energy systems.They also offer energy studies to assist businesses to reduce their energy demands using practical and realistic methods

Eco Sale - Ecosale offer a range of products related to energy saving technology and renewable energy
Eco Sale
Recycle Now Schools - Get your school recycling

Newhouse Farm (Former Its Not Easy Being Green) - Welcome to Newhouse Farm, home of It's Not Easy Being Green. We aim to live a 21st century lifestyle but to produce little or no waste and to remove our dependence upon fossil fuels

Recycle Now - A complete guide to recycling in the UK including what you can recycle and where to recycle near you.

Old to new

This is my new recycle site. If you wish to view my old one, please click old recycle site.
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