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France - Normandy Holiday 2008

In the last weekof the summer holidays 2008, I went to Normandy. Below you can find my 9 day diary of the holiday, my huge picture gallery, and my video of the trip.
Day 1:- Traveling
We set off on the 23rd of August at 6 in themorning. After a 3 hour drive to Doverwe got on the ferry for a 1 ½ hour boat trip. We arrived in France& drove until about 8:00pm Frenchtime, at which time we arrived at Le Petit Celland (the village about 500 yardsfrom where we were staying). We got in, had some Pizzas I had made the previousday, & went to bed.
Day Rating: 1 star
Day 1
Day 2:- Rain
Woke up, looked out the window, & saw: rain. The raineventually stopped at about 10:00am,so we headed out for a walk to explore the surrounding area. The thing Inoticed most about the French countryside was the corn fields; almost everyfield was full of sweet corn! To give you an idea of how much there was on a 25minute drive I counted 67 sweet corn fields! We arrived back at the house atabout 11:30am to have lunch.

Wespent the rest of the day watching the Olympic closing ceremony, because therain had started again. After tea the rain did stop though so we went out foranother walk.
Day Rating: 1 star
Day 2
Day 3:- The holiday has started!
Today breakfast was… poor. That’s all I’m saying. After breakfast we headed to the supermarket to get food… mmm. After shopping we went to see Le Mont St Michel, the original/French version of St Michael's Mount in Cornwall. Although the views were truly stunning, it just didn’t seem as good as its brother in Cornwall. After a bit of a disappointment we set off for the beach!

We got there, unloaded the car & then me & Genevieve went body boarding. After about an hour I was well & truly frozen, so I came out & got changed. A few hours later we went home and had cheese & ham crêpe, accompanied by vegetables & a cross between chips & waffles. Fab!
Day Rating: 3 star
Day 3
Day 4:- A historical day
I woke up to one of the best breakfasts I had ever had. Orange juice, fruit & yoghurt, & croissants & pains au chocolat. The perfect French breakfast! After breakfast we headed off for a town called Bayeux. No surprise what we found there: the Bayeux Tapestry!

The tapestry itself was amazing. A 70m-50cm medieval battle told in pictures that took over four years to sew: an amazing piece of history. What is even more amazing is the luck/good fortune that the tapestry is surrounded by; let me explain. The tapestry used to be displayed every few months for a few weeks, & yet it is still in such good condition today. Also the cathedral in which the tapestry was being shown in was burnt down, twice & yet the tapestry was unharmed both times! It was also used to cover a weapons cart, before being rescued & eventually being brought back to Bayeux to be preserved. You could not photograph the tapestry, so I bought a miniature copy of it.

After Bayeux we headed off to Arromanches the town surrounding gold beach, also known as one of the British D-Day landing beaches. It was amazing to see the beach and sea. Finally we headed off up the coast to the Normandy American Cemetery & Memorial. It is home to graves of thousands of Americans who died on the D-Day beaches. The amount of graves really shocked me. It was so quiet & peaceful there, & yet a bit eerie too.
Day Rating: 4½ star
Day 4
Day 5:- Waterfalls and a beach

Today’s title pretty much sums up the day. After anotherfantastic breakfast we headed off for the town of Mortain.Mortain is home to the biggest waterfall in western France,it is also home to a smaller waterfall. We parked the car & set of on thewalk.

First we arrived at Le Petit Cascade; it was, as its name suggests,small. It was so peaceful & tranquil there. When we arrived at Le Grande Cascade(the bigger waterfall) I was rather disappointed, as it was supposed to bebiggest waterfall in western France,however compared to waterfalls that I have seen in Scotland& Icelandit was rather small.

It was lovely being in the middle of a forest with no oneelse there, &only the sound of the birds in the trees and thesplashing of the waterfall. After that we headed of to the beach, & spentthe rest of the day there. Finally we headed home & had couscous saladwhich me and my mum made.

Day Rating: 4 star
Day 5
Day 6:- Rennes
On day 6 we visited the town of Rennes.Rennes is the capital of Brittany,& is home to lots of medieval buildings, a lot of big houses, & lots offlowers. First we looked around the old streets, it was amazing. It was likebeing on a medieval film set. Then we had lunch in a café in the main square.

After lunch we went and looked around the gardens. They were so well kept &looked after. I got some really good photos; my favorite is the one of a rosethat I found in the huge rose garden. We eventually set off for home at 6:00pm.
Day Rating: 2½ star
Day 6
Day 7:- Fun
After another fantastic breakfast we headed out to see anattraction I had been wating to see. It was a miniature village home to a mini LeMont St Michel. It was so cool, but what I didn’t know was that the 5 minuteattraction was about to become a whole day of fun!

After we had looked at themodels we headed off up the path. On the way we saw various humorousattractions. One of them was a small, narrow, dark, concrete corridor with varioustricks and scares inside. Another was a pair of curtains on the front of awooden box, & when you went near it you stepped on a board, which made afake/scary dog leap out at you. Eventually we arrived at the top of the path,& thinking that we had seen everything there we headed towards the exit. Onthe way we spotted some crazy looking bikes & go carts. We went over to trythem out.

There were all sorts of crazy bikes. I got some pictures & videoof them but I’ll tell you about my favorite anyway. It was a sort of go cart witha seat & two wheels at the back & a single wheel at the front. To moveyou pedaled (the pedals were on the front wheel) and to steer you leaned fromside to side. It was a bit frightening first time as you almost (and sometimes do!)fall out the seat when you go round a corner. In total we spend about 4 hoursin these bikes. Whilst on the bikes, I met a French boy called Alexis. It was reallygood as I practiced my French and he practiced his English.

We eventually leftat about 5:00pm, after that we wentto the beach. When we got there the sea was so calm and clear it was like beingnear the Mediterranean, not the English Channel!
Day Rating: 5 star
Day 7
Day 8:- Beach

After breakfast we headed out to a hypermarket to stock upon all the lovely French food we eat at home, which took all morning! After thehypermarket we came home and had lunch. Then we headed out to have a fullafternoon on the beach. I spent most of my time building a sandcastle, as ittook me so long I built 3 moats & 2 walls to protect it. Eventually thoughit was swept away & shortly after we headed home to get ready for the nextday.

Day Rating: 3 star
Day 8
Day 9:- zzz
On the last day I woke up at 6:30 had breakfast helped get the house ready & eventually left at about 11:00am. In the car I watched DVD’s and played on my Gameboy Advance SP. We only stopped 4 times on the whole journey, once to have lunch in a park, the next stop was at the services, the next was getting on the boat at 8:00pm French time, & the final stop was to get chips at 10:30pm English time for a very late tea. We eventually arrived home very tired at 1:00am English time.
Day Rating: 2 star
Day 9
Holiday Rating: 4 star
Below is the video of my trip!

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