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24, Mar. 12: New Online Home
On the 9th of March 2012, I purchased the domain name Basically I bought the same domain as this, but without the dash... more >>

24, Mar. 12: 2012 News
Well, it's been a long time since I have done a news update! I had some news to publish, but as it is now 2012, I have archived the 2011 news... more >>

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News - 2009

2009 News

This is where you can find all the 2009 news on my website. Please click here to go to the 2009 RSS Feed.

Merry Christmas - 14 December 2009

As always, as this time of year I have changed to my festive website. This year there is not so much of a difference as usual, as my whole template would have to be changed to change the background colour, and the colour of some of the images. It still looks more festive though!

I will not be changing my sites main theme like I did from 2008 to 2009. I spent many months getting everything ready to launch on new years day (at 12:00am), and therefore will not be changing it this year too.

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

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Newsletter Ends - 17 October 2009

Unfortunately, I have decided to stop my sites monthly newsletter. This is because of the lack of updates to my site, and the amount of free time I have. Sorry if you were enjoying the newsletter, I will leave all previous editions there so you can still view them, and I may restart it one day. I have recently been updating my Technology Blog a lot, so why not go and have a look at that?

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Devon - 06 September 2009

Last week I was on holiday in Devon. I have posted some of the pictures of my trip on in the gallery. I have also added some of the images to the randomly alternating image at the top of the page. You can keep up to date with what I have been doing on my social blog. Also sorry for there not being a newsletter this month, this is due to the fact that I have not been updating my site.

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Technology Blog - 11 August 2009

Yesterday I launched my technology blog. This is on the same domain name as my social blog ( I will put articles on gadgets, current news, such as the Google Vs Microsoft affair, and general technology tips such as how to speed up your computer.

Why not pop over and have a quick look, you are bound to find something that will ether interest you, or help you somehow when dealing with technology.

I will be posting some of my articles on my good friend Matthew Battison's blog (Matty Batty), as his blog is a technology blog. If you get a chance why not visit his site too, the address is

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Page Height - 12 July 2009

As you may have noticed, my website used to only be designed for one browser - Internet Explorer 6. This is because of the major page height issue, which means that each page is displayed in different browsers.
Mozilla Firefox Google Chrome Internet Explorer - browsers
However, finally I have managed to solve the "page height" problem, which means two things. 1, The site is much easier for me to update, and 2, it can now be viewed correctly in all browsers, making it universal.

I have also added breadcrumb navigation - with help fromof Matty Batty. This should make it much easier to get around my site, below is an example of the breadcrumb navigation.

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Blog - 22 June 2009

On the 22nd of May 2009, I acquired the domain Since then, I have slowly been building and testing the site. It was originally launched on the 23rd of May (I think. Possibly the 24th or the 25th) but within a few days it has been taken off the internet. This is because I did not like the site template. People I new said it was ok, but I wasn't happy so I took it in for a revamp. After the weeks (ish) revamp, it eventually emerged looking much better, and is now live. There are only currently a few articles on it, but they are growing - just yesterday I put a Father's Day article on.

Please do go on over to my blog and have a mooch around. Its a good little place for me to post stuff, and I am enjoying using it already. There is now a link to it on the top bar of my site.

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Pages/Navigation - 31 May 2009

Because of complaints that I have been receiving about the navigation of my site, I have chosen to rename the pages page. This is because people are not using it, as they don't know what it is, so it I call it a more obvious name, hopefully, it will - with the aid of me new search bar - help users navigate themselves around my site easier.

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RSS Feed - 31 May 2009

You may have noticed the little icon that now appears under the word news on the left side bar, and you may be wondering what it is. It has the words "RSS Feed" next to it, but you probably don't know what that means ether. Basically what it is is a file written in Really Simple Syndication (that's what the RSS bit stands for). The file is updated, every time my site gets a new news article. So its handy just to check it, as it says the title of articles, a brief description, and where you can find them.

I hope my RSS Feed makes it easier for you to look at my news articles! Oh yeah, forgot to say... its 100% valid!
Valid RSS Feed!

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Commenting - 02 May 2009

At the end of every month, I will now be stopping commenting on all articles that are over three months old. This is because the news page, and the comment box are getting so full, that soon I may have to go onto another page. This means that all the comments form January will remain, but knew ones can't be posted, as of may (this month) and then the same for February comments next month. So get those comments in quick!

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Search bar - 30 April 2009

As I promised in the March (first) edition of my newsletter, the search bar is finally here. You can find it on my home page, and the navigation page. You can use it to find pages on my site more easily, as I was having complaints about the navigation of my site being too hard to follow (a big disappointment, as the pages page was designed to stop this). So now it is here to make your life, easier. PLEASE NOTE: pages will take from around 2 days to 1 month to appear in the results after creation.

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Wales - 19 April 2009

You may have noticed, but today some new pictures appeared in the Gallery. They are of my trip to Wales this Easter. The holiday was really good, and the Welsh countryside really was stunning. For all the pictures, please visit the gallery.

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Weirdest Ever Quiz II (Launch) - 03 April 2009

Just a quick message. The Weirdest Ever Quiz II is here!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Sebastian's Site - 27 March 2009

I have given my brothers site a revamp, so please feel free to have a look. It now includes four main pages: the home page, with a welcome and the news of the site on it, the about me page, with his personal profile on, the gallery with images past and present in it, and finally the games page, with some of Sebastian's favourite games on it. Why not go and have a look?

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Aronics technical help- 27 March 2009

One of my best friends (Arif Rahman) has his own little software site called Aronics. I cannot say how brilliant it is... He has made his own internet browser, which you can surf the internet with. He has also got some other cool stuff.

Now we get to my bit. I was having problems with my computer, as it was a bit slow, so I contacted my good friend Arif. We worked out that out of the 42 processes running on it, 14 of them were not needed, so what did he do? He built a cool little program just for me that shuts down the unnecessary ones! It also does numerous other things that have speed it up, but to get to the point, its helped me a lot.

I really do urge you, if you want to try a new browser, or have some computer problems, go to Aronics, for fast, friendly and free, help and advice.

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The Weirdest Ever Quiz II - 13 March 2009

The Weirdest Ever Quiz, is currently one of my website's top attractions, I have had so many people talking to me about it recently, its unbelievable! So, as its now getting old now, and will soon reach its first birthday, I'm going to launch a new one, its younger brother! The new quiz should be on my site by Sunday the 5th of April, and it will have loads of new mind boggling questions waiting for you.

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Newsletter - 28 February 2009

Today I have launched my first newsletter! It will be a monthly thing, which you can subscribe to by email. You can also read it, and other newsletters without subscribing. Happy reading! Please give all feedback on the newsletter, ether by commenting on this article, or, as always, through the contact page.

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China site - 24 February 2009

My China site is now live, and is slowly being built up. When finished it will consist of a nine day video diary and photographs.

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Record visitor numbers - 31 January 2009

I was absolutely amazed when I looked at my website stats today. 407 unique visitors (different people) had been on my site since the 1st of January 2009. I found this quite amazing as my old website took about 4 months to get these kind of figures. Forget about the recession and depressing news at the moment, there is always something good to cheer about! You can view my site statistics graph by clicking here.

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China - 26 January 2009

A new page is being launched, for two purposes: the first is to celebrate Chinese new year which is today (26th Jan) and the second is to inform you of my holiday in China! I'm going with school on a ten day trip, and should have a bit of the diary and some of the pictures on by late February/early March 2009.

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Discussions - 09 January 2009

I have been asked by a friend if I could start a discussion page on my site. I have contemplated the idea and am going to give it a trial. What will happen is I will write a short article, or refer to a recent news item, and then I will open it to discussion and comments. If it proves to be popular I will then let you choose the articles and have some say in what is up for discussion.

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Comments - 05 January 2009

You can now comment on any of my news articles, just click on the words "Comment on this" after an article. You can also view comments, to do this click on the word "View all comments" also situates after articles.

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ShoutBox - 05 January 2009

As you may have noticed, my site now has a ShoutBox. You can use this to talk to me and the visitors of my site. However, please remember, if I get bad language or abuse in it,from a certain user(s), I will remove their comments and block them from commenting. This will remove their freedom of speech on my site, which would be a great shame. So if you haven't already go and have a look at myShoutBox!

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PageRank - 04 January 2009

If you have a Google toolbar, you may have noticed that my homepage now has a PageRank of 2. This in my view is a huge achievement, as the average website has a PageRank of 0 or 1. It also shows that my site is now much more friendly to users and Search Engines. I hope you all like my new site design, and now find it a more easy site to use. I really do love hearing your feedback, so please do contact me through ether the ShoutBox or the contact page.

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Welcome - 01 January 2009

Welcome to my new updated site! I hope you like the new look; as its going to look like this until 2010! However don't worry it will still have regular festive changes, or else it just wouldn't be Christopher Roberts Website.

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Slogan - 01 January 2009

As you may have noticed my site has now got a slogan, this is of course: "Fun, education and animation..." This was my final choice of slogan, and in my opinion the best. The reason I chose it is because the main aim of my site is to be fun, and at the same time education. How do I try to make education fun? With animation! My site is full of animated content, so what better slogan than Fun, education and animation...

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Logo - 01 January 2009

With the makeover of my site, I decided that I just couldn't have a website without a logo. So what better than a memorably simple, but also effective one? The idea of a logo has been in my head for some time, but Inever got round to making one. The reason for it being a "C" is because it is the first letter of my name, and its blue because I believe that it matches the letter, not sure why, but that's my opinion.

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Education - 01 January 2009

Later this yearmy education site will be launched, combining History, Science with the addition of html tutorials and codes.

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