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24, Mar. 12: New Online Home
On the 9th of March 2012, I purchased the domain name Basically I bought the same domain as this, but without the dash... more >>

24, Mar. 12: 2012 News
Well, it's been a long time since I have done a news update! I had some news to publish, but as it is now 2012, I have archived the 2011 news... more >>

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Websites and Blogs

Websites and Blogs Introduction

Do you own a website or blog, or do you ever comment or post articles on other websites and blogs? If so read on to find out how to reduce your vulnerability.


Do you ever comment on websites or blogs? If so you are potentially leaving yourself open to attack. If you regularly comment on blogs and websites using the same name and email address, people can start to build up a profile of you, what your interests are, and where you are possibly located.

Let me explain with an example. If you use the name "Robin Jones" in all of your comments, as that is your name/nickname, then people can search the web and find all the comments Robin Jones has ever made.

If Robin Jones is found to be frequently commenting on blogs relating to houses in Somerset, and farmers unions, then with a little research it would be possible to piece together a profile of the person. Using the example of Robin Jones, just from my two examples of blogs, you could speculate that Robin Jones works as a farmer that lives in (or is thinking of moving to) Somerset.

Website and blog owners

If you own a website or blog, it is vital that you know who can find out stuff about you. Using this extreme example, if you post content that really offends someone, they could try and get hold of your location and/or contact details and blackmail you or even come round your house. Simple free internet tools can tell people all sorts of things about you, just from your domain name.

Also, I know this is obvious, but you would be surprised at how many people actually do this: don't put any contact details on your site. A contact form is fine, as long as the email address is hidden on the page and in the HTML code.

Summary of websites and blogs safety

Making websites and blogging can be good fun however always be wary of what information you are giving away, and how people can use that against you.
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