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24, Mar. 12: New Online Home
On the 9th of March 2012, I purchased the domain name Basically I bought the same domain as this, but without the dash... more >>

24, Mar. 12: 2012 News
Well, it's been a long time since I have done a news update! I had some news to publish, but as it is now 2012, I have archived the 2011 news... more >>

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Social Networking

Social Networking Introduction

Do you use social networking online? If so read on to find out how vulnerable you are and what you can do to make yourself less vulnerable.

What information do you share with others?

On many of the popular social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter, you can share certain personal information with other people. This includes things like your birthday, hometown and contact information. This is ok, as long as you are only showing it to people you know and trust.

For this reason it is very important that you make sure you only accept people as friends if you know that they are trustworthy, and that you don't let other people see your information.

Using the example of Facebook, in the privacy section you can select: who can see your Profile; who can contact you on Facebook and see your contact information; who can see your search result on Facebook and in search engines, and who can interact with you on Facebook.

By not adding people you don't really know that well, you can keep your personal information more secure. Also by restricting who can see you in the the search can help keep your info more private.

What information do your friends share about you?

Even if you share no information about yourself, your friends could be giving things away about you. Your friends could allow anyone to see what they are doing, and if they are Tweeting about you, or commenting on your Facebook, then other people could see this. To minimise this, try and encourage your friends not to post too much "valuable information" (i.e. contact details, location etc) about you.

Summary of social networking safety

Social networking can be great if properly controlled. Don't make it easy for people to get your info, but also make sure you have fun with friends, as that it the whole point of these sort of sites!
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