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Iceland Holiday 2007

At the end of 2007 I went on holiday to Iceland,it was Brilliant!
This page has photos of a hot water geyser, some of Iceland's fantastic waterfalls and more photos of the trip.

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Iceland WaterfallsSnow covered Icelandic waterfall
Iceland waterfall
Iceland waterfalls
These were some of the many waterfalls we visited, everywhere was cover in snow!
This waterfalls is called Gullfoss.

Hotel view of Reykjavik
What is Iceland's Capital? Reykjavík!
This was the view from our hotel in Reykjavík.

An active hot water geyser
A short clip of a hot water geyser, or as it's spelt in Iceland, hot water geysir.

Dormant hot water geyserActive hot water geyser
A dormant hot water geyser and an active hot water geyser
This is Iceland's most active hot water geyser, it spurted hot water up about every six minutes.

Beautiful Icelandic sceneryIcelandic mountain
Iceland mountains
I think these photos really show the beauty of Iceland.

Icelandic Ice Age Glacier
Iceland glacier
This is a glacier left over from the Ice Age, that's millions of years!

Iceland bus
Iceland bus in the ditch
Beware, travel with Reykjavik Excursions not Iceland Excursions, or you might end up like this!

Skógafoss Iceland Waterfall
A beautiful Iceland waterfall
Another of Iceland's fantastic waterfalls called Skógafoss.

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