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Making Pages


You may think that it is hard to make web pages, however as long as you remember some key rules they really aren't that difficult to make, and then reproduce.


The most important thing to learn about web coding is tags, these are the things that make up a website. The golden rule to remember when dealing with tags, is once opened they must be closed, this is the same for almost all tags. For example if I wrote the tag: <html> which is the tag that all web pages must start with, I must close it, this is really easy as you just take the original tag and put a / in front of it, like so <html> turns into </html>.

Structure (1)

Now that you know about tags, you need to learn about the structure of a website. All website's start and finish the same, and all have the same basic structure. They all start with the tag <html> they then all have the tag <title> this is where the title of the page (as seen at the top of the browser) will go, and then as this tag is finished it is closed with </title> That is the top of the page finished.

Structure (2)

Now comes the content of the page. Before the content you must put the tag <body>. After that tag you can put all your text, graphics and other stuff. this tag is then closed, like so, </body> finally after the body tag has been closed you have to close the html tag, which was started at the very top of the site, you do this by writing </html>

Structure (3)

All of that may seen very confusing, but in the end it should all look like this:

<title>Title of the page goes here</title>
Content of the page goes here


That's it!!!


Below is a table of some simple codes, you can use on your web page.

What it does
This creates a blank line, which can be used to separate sections of yourpage
This tag is very unusual as it does not need to be closed
<a href="Address"> Link </a>
This creates a hyperlink which can be used to direct viewers to another page in your site or a different website
Where the word "Address" is, you need to put the address of the website you are linking to, and where the word "Link" is you need to put the text that the viewer will see
<table><tr><td>Text</td></tr> </table>
This creates a table, in a table you can put any type of content, if you need more rows or colons just add in more <tr> (for table rows) and <td> tags
Where the word "Text" is, you need to put the content of the table e.g. the text or the graphic or the sound file, etc
This creates apoint, like so
  • Point 1
  • Where the word "Text" is, you need to put the point text
    <body bgcolor="#000000">
    This creates a page with a white background, by changing the colour code you can change the colour of the background
    This tag needs to replace the <body> tag


    Now you are ready to learn how to change the colour of the text on your pages, you can do this on the Style Sheets page, to go there now please click here. Alternatively to go back to html home, please click here.
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