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Day 3

Summary - 2.5 star day

Today wan't that good, but it did get better throughout the day. The two factories (Jade and Copper) in the morning were very boaring, and lunch wasn't the best, but the great wall was amazing! It was snowing too, which made this already deadly climb, even more deadly. The gaps between the steps were very odd, as you would have a 10cm climb, and then sudenly an 80cm climb! The sleaper train was so cramped, and small, but we were in 1st class, and in the normal class, six people (rather than four in 1st) would sleep in a cabin about 2m wide, 2m high and 2.5m long! It was fun though, as the teachers got drunk and we didn't go to sleep (well, not untill 4am)!

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China trip day 3
China trip day 3
China trip day 3
China trip day 3
China trip day 3
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