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24, Mar. 12: New Online Home
On the 9th of March 2012, I purchased the domain name Basically I bought the same domain as this, but without the dash... more >>

24, Mar. 12: 2012 News
Well, it's been a long time since I have done a news update! I had some news to publish, but as it is now 2012, I have archived the 2011 news... more >>

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Day 2

Summary - 5 star day

Really good day. The market was really, really amazing!! Was like nothing back home. They haggled so much, so I got loads of good bargains. My best was a £20 Laser pen - which was also a torch, pointy stick and pen -, down to 10p. The forbidden city, was just so surreal. It was so much like you imagine China to be like... it was just unreal! The tea tasting was really nice; lots of the teas had really sweet after taste. The Kung Fu display was ok, but not as good as I had hoped, as there was not that much Kung Fu. Really enjoyed the day.

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China trip day 2
China trip day 2
China trip day 2
China trip day 2
China trip day 2
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