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Avoncroft is a fascinating museum of historic buildings spanning seven centuries, rescued from destruction and carefully rebuilt on a beautiful open-air site in the north of Worcestershire. It is also home to The National Telephone Kiosk Collection. It includes examples of every type of GPO and BT telephone kiosk from the 1920's to the present day. It also includes a Police Public Call Box (a.k.a. a TARDIS).

Below are some photos and a short video clip, I took when I visited Avoncroft.

Is it the Doctor? (don't forget to turn your head on its side!)
Me and the TARDIS
Here is me standing by the Police Public Call Box
The Police Public Call Box
Avoncroft Map
This is a map of Avoncroft, displaying all of the historical buildings that have been rebuilt here.
TARDIS trouble
This is a photo my mum took, it looked funny, so I added some comical speech bubbles!
Visit Avoncroft for a truly great day out!
Avoncroft website: